Committed to Reduce the Downtime

CAARMO helps managers who want to reduce fleet downtime by sharing the real-time onboard analysis of vehicle health with mechanics and by automating the maintenance service schedule in order to ensure immediate assistance.

What is the Downtime?

Vehicles Downtime is arguably the most  painful situation for any company that relies on the operation of the vehicles for delivering customer services.  

These companies face downtime anytime a vehicle is not operationally available.

Therefore downtime causes lower vehicle productivity which directly relates to loss of revenue.

Fleet downtime occurs mainly when a vehicle gets a mechanical issue along the daily route or the vehicle is sidelined because of overdue maintenance.

The matter of Downtime

Downtime events have further negative consequences for the companies to include:

  • A delay in service delivery: if a vehicle has some mechanical issue during the route, it negatively affects the timeline for delivery of customer services. 
  • Extra costs for fleet maintenance and repair: when a problem isn’t immediately fixed, major issues happen leading to and increase in operational budget. 
  • Unsatisfied customers: if you cannot assure timely services to customers, your brand reputation suffers.

Probably you are aware, but your company is  likely  to find an effective process to establish the optimal balance between cost and benefit.

Therefore, hiring extra resources such as an in-house mechanic for a daily check of vehicles or a dedicated fleet employee to update vehicles usage were the limited solutions to keep your fleet up and running.

The definitive fleet maintenance process

Finally, thanks to CAARMO, reducing the downtime and implementing an effective maintenance process for your fleet vehicles has never been so easy and cost-effective!

  • Our diagnostic system ensures the onboard monitoring of your fleet vehicles in real-time and it alerts you anytime a problem arises before negatively impacting vehicle performance and its lifetime. 
  • Further CAARMO informs your trusted Mechanical Service Center so that they are always responsive  to your fleet’s issues creating a faster repair process. 
  • Our service also includes the automated maintenance and repair service schedules to fit your operational requirements pre-coordinated with your mechanic, enhancing your ability to service your vehicles anytime they are in need of attention.

So it is time to implement an simple and effective maintenance process which monitors your vehicles usage, alerting you and your mechanics when an issue occurs and automatically schedules the repair services by assuring immediate service.

All of this capability will not affect your operational budget, but ensures a higher vehicle productivity which leads to extra revenue!


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