Episode 45: What is the path that will increase leadership effectiveness?

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Watch "What is the path that will increase leadership effectiveness?

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Listen to business experts and the blinds spots they see.
Hear the blind spots and understand how, through data and analytics, you can eliminate those blind spots.

Podcast Bullet points

  1. Panel Discussion on Leadership Effectiveness: The panel comprises experts from various backgrounds who discuss strategies for enhancing leadership effectiveness. Key panelists include Israel Alvarez, Scott Steckel, and Troy Vermillion.
  2. Shift in Employee-Employer Dynamics: Scott Steckel points out that there has been a shift from an 80-20 power dynamic between employers and employees to a more balanced relationship. Leadership is distinguished from management, emphasizing inspirational roles beyond job descriptions.
  3. Importance of Empathy and Compassion: Both qualities are considered essential in modern leadership. Empathy involves understanding others deeply, while compassion means taking action based on that understanding.
  4. Data-Driven Insights into Employee Performance: The panel explores profiles and graphs of different employees, highlighting areas for potential improvement and discussing the implications for leadership. This includes considerations around safety, efficiency, and role-specific metrics.
  5. Addressing Mental Health and Well-being: The discussion touches on the increased focus on mental health in the workplace, especially in stressful scenarios like high sales volumes, employee leaves, and personal crises.