The world’s first performance intelligence platform:

  • Get insights that you can take action on today, driven by your business data
  • Control business success with our interactive performance intelligence engine
  • Optimize your employee performance and revenue the way you want

The 3 keys that will guide you to preferred business outcomes.

How It Works:

We connect to your existing company data and analyze business performance. Our analytics engine identifies where business unlocks are hidden. You choose the actions that will lead to your preferred financial outcomes. 

- It is easy -

3 simple steps


CAARMO Performance Intelligence provides a variety of resources that help you to create an environment of excellence for your employees, including case studies and success stories. See how CAARMO's Performance Intelligence can help your company grow too!

Meet Dan

An employee at your company for 3 years. A good tech but he needs your coaching to become great. With Performance Intelligence, Dan’s greatness is right around the corner.


Unlock Your Full Potential

Discover the transformative power of CAARMO's Performance Intelligence—a true GURU guiding you towards your business objectives through invaluable insights, actions, and results. Seamlessly integrate with your existing company data and gain real-time insights into your business performance.

Elevate Your Decision-Making

Unearth your strengths and weaknesses, seize missed opportunities, harness untapped resources and manpower through comprehensive data visualizations and intuitive dashboards. Align your business leadership and decision-making teams with the actual pulse of your business's reality and perception.

Reach Optimal Performance

Effortlessly select actions that steer you toward your desired financial outcomes with CAARMO's AI and ML-powered tools. Cultivate a culture of excellence among your employees, customers, and stakeholders. CAARMO's Performance Intelligence stands as the ultimate solution for elevating your business's performance to its full potential. Delay no more.

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