Our Team


Ankush Gulati

Data Analytics & Visualization Consultant

“Flexible Programmer”
I am a guy with big dreams and appreciate people who have goals in life. I can do anything to fulfilling my dreams and I am always ready to help others find their path. Knows about life and living and loves living in solitude. I love everyone and wish people the best

Janine Mones

Janine Mones

Podcast Director

“Versatile Dreamer”
I dreamt of versatility and I make sure to do it. I am in charge of connecting people to each other and sustaining an organized team. I am extremely shy as a person but if you get to know me, you get to know a whole different side of me. A family-oriented person who will do everything for them.

Ifeoma Ajibo

Ifeoma Ajibo

Communication Manager

“Moon Beauty”

Passionate about crafting and conveying the right message in the simplest way possible. 

Prim Aleyo

Prim Aleyo

Process Architect

“Digital Creator”

If anything, I am everything. I began by asking questions. I had a lot of questions for my folks. They sent me to school, so I began to pester my instructors with questions. And then I began working, also asking questions. I'm a curious person who wants to know everything there is to know about the world around me.


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Drive profitable business outcomes with easy insight into employee performance.

With CAARMO’s Performance Intelligence, we help companies make sense of it all – and find the perfect balance between profit and employee satisfaction through data. Get to know stories that shows how we can help you drive profitability through employee satisfaction.


 We believe in the activation of our core values. The following questions give you snapshots of how we approach each value.


Are we fully present in our interactions with others, focused on them?


Do we seek to understand what they tell us?


Do we care? It is okay to say “NO”.


Do we have the ability to support them in their quest to find a better place?


Do we both benefit from the interaction?