Episode 36. Culture: How things get done around here with Ben Wiant

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If you're interested in creating a high-performing, aligned organization, delve into our deep-dive podcast on company culture with expert Ben Wiant. Learn how instilling values in your workforce, rather than merely displaying them on the wall, can catalyze your business growth. Listen now to transform your organizational culture!

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Podcast Bullet points

  1. The Importance of Aligning Values and Skills: Ben Wiant emphasizes that an organization's success is closely tied to how well it aligns the personal values and skills of its employees. This alignment is crucial for the effective functioning of both individual workers and the organization as a whole.
  2. Understanding Human Grouping Constructs: The discussion touches on the idea that regardless of time or place, humans tend to form groups based on certain organizational constructs, whether they be companies, communities, or armies. This relates to fundamental human motivations and interactions.
  3. Culture Isn't 'Squishy': Culture is often seen as a soft or nebulous aspect of business, but both hosts argue that it has a "hard impact." Companies with a strong, well-defined culture are more cohesive and better equipped to achieve their business objectives.
  4. Hiring for Culture Add vs Culture Fit: There is a shift from hiring people who merely fit into the existing culture ("culture fit") to those who can add something new or beneficial ("culture add"). This is especially relevant given current data suggesting that a high percentage of people are considering changing jobs for better alignment with their values.
  5. Operationalizing Values: Rather than just displaying organizational values on a wall, these principles should be deeply instilled in employees through organic conversations and observations. This creates an environment where everyone is on the same page, enabling more effective change management.