Episode 38. Maximize company performance with a cultural lens with Tina Cantrill

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Former Fortune 500 senior exec turned culture consultant and executive coach, Tina works with public and private sector organizations and helps them take a fresh perspective on leadership and culture that delivers immediate and long-term results. A firm advocate of the ‘human element’ in driving organizational success, Tina’s work is rooted in getting the best from people by creating environments when they want, love, and are able to achieve the ‘impossible’.

Born and bred in the UK, Tina now lives in Canada’s capital and has clients across the globe.

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Podcast Bullet points

  1. The podcast "Business Blind Spots Expose" featuring Tina Cantrill focuses on the importance of culture in maximizing company performance. Tina emphasizes that culture is not a "squishy concept," but one that significantly impacts strategy.

  2. Tina discusses the transition employees make from being technically skilled to needing emotional intelligence at senior levels. She argues that culture starts with behavior and how an organization's success is driven 100% by its people.

  3. The podcast covers the issue of 'authenticity' in the workplace. Many people tend to leave their authentic selves "at the door," which affects the company culture. Authenticity is crucial for employee engagement and overall company performance.

  4. Purpose-driven companies tend to be more successful. Mission statements often end up as "wall art" and are not truly integrated into the company’s culture or operations. When employees understand their contribution to a higher purpose, they are more emotionally engaged, increasing performance and retention.

  5. The podcast also explores why emotional intelligence should be developed early in life. Tina argues that how people act is based on how they feel, stressing the need for a culture that allows emotional intelligence to flourish for organizational success.