Why culture in a company matters with Courtney Carace

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Don't let culture be your business's blind spot. Take the first step by auditing your current organizational values and practices. Align your team today for a more profitable tomorrow.

About the Speaker Niha Wunnava.

Experienced Chief Operating Officer skilled in Customer Service, Management, Leadership, Project Management, and Team Building. Strong operations professional graduated from College of the Holy Cross.

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Listen to business experts and the blinds spots they see.
Hear the blind spots and understand how, through data and analytics, you can eliminate those blind spots.

Podcast Bullet points

  1. Importance of Identifying Business Blind Spots: The podcast emphasizes the crucial role of recognizing and addressing unseen challenges or 'blind spots' in different sectors of a business, such as marketing, sales, operations, and diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion.

  2. Culture as a Differentiator: The conversation focuses on how a strong organizational culture can be a decisive factor for a company's success. The host and guest discuss that having well-defined core values shapes decision-making and establishes a collective understanding within the company.

  3. Core Values Must Be Shared and Authentic: Both hosts stress that core values should not only be clearly defined but should also be communicated openly with the entire organization. They argue that each company should have its unique set of core values even if the founders have been part of other organizations.

  4. Decision-making Framework: Core values serve as a guide for critical decision-making scenarios, from hiring to diversification. If a choice doesn't align with the core values, it's easier to opt against it, removing much of the emotional aspects from the decision-making process.

  5. Measuring Culture and Growth: Towards the end, they discuss metrics and 'scorecards' that can measure the efficacy of an organizational culture. The podcast also mentions the company’s 15-20% growth, indicating that a strong culture could contribute to significant business expansion.