Building employees that actually care through empathy with Israel Alvarez

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Don't let your business be blindsided by overlooking the importance of employee engagement and human-centric metrics. Upgrade your performance tracking from mere KPIs to KBIs today and pave the way for a more empowered, productive, and profitable work environment. Tap into the pulse of your organization and turn your 'blind spots' into 'bright spots.

About the Speaker Israel Alvarez.

Israel, President @ Insight Pest of LA, is an experienced leader, both in the Corporate world and in Small Business. With 20+ years of Sales, Management and Development experience, he is now involved on larger collaborative projects as well as Mentor-ship- both giving and receiving. His passions include bringing others onto the path of success, growing my family, business and network of influence.

Watch "Building employees that actually care through empathy

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Listen to business experts and the blinds spots they see.
Hear the blind spots and understand how, through data and analytics, you can eliminate those blind spots.

Podcast Bullet points

  1. Employee Engagement through Empathy: The primary topic of the podcast "Business Blind Spots Exposed" is to foster a workplace culture where employees genuinely care about their work, largely facilitated through organizational empathy.
  2. The Limitations of KPIs: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important but insufficient. The discussion advocates for "Key Behavior Indicators" (KBIs) as a more human-centric metric that can better capture the intangibles like employee morale, motivation, and culture.
  3. Employee Incentives for Referrals: The podcast suggests that employee referrals, specifically in sales, can be a powerful driver for success. However, this requires a work environment where employees feel validated and endorsed, instilling the confidence to ask for referrals.
  4. Importance of Authenticity and Open Communication: The conversation highlights the need for authentic interactions between managers and employees. Transparency and accountability are crucial for employee engagement and for tackling 'blind spots' within the company.
  5. Future Industry Trends: There's an increasing emphasis on human capital, even surpassing concerns like environmental regulations. This shift suggests that understanding and improving employee engagement will be increasingly critical for business success in the future.