The numbers behind the insects with Adam Holt

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Unlock the secrets to transforming your pest control business today! Don't miss out on actionable insights and expert advice that will set you apart from the competition. Listen to the full podcast now!

About the Speaker Adam Holt.

University Board Certified Entomologist with a passion for training, software technology, insect identification, pest control and more. Learning everyday is critical in feeding my spongy extroverted personality. Anywhere Adam goes he has a friend because life is too short not to live to its fullest and you literally never know how you can impact someone and change their life. He loves networking and being in the field. Always excited about what tomorrow brings.
Adam Holt is a certified entomologist and is a technical director on Integrated Pest Management.

Watch "The numbers behind the insects

 on BBSE

Listen to business experts and the blinds spots they see.
Hear the blind spots and understand how, through data and analytics, you can eliminate those blind spots.

Podcast Bullet points

  1. Importance of Customer Communication: Technicians in the pest control industry must understand their customer's preferred mode of communication. Whether customers want direct interaction or just notifications, the technicians need to adapt accordingly.
  2. Business Blind Spots & Data Utilization: The podcast emphasizes the concept of "blind spots" in business and how data can aid in gaining various perspectives, helping in organizational development and employee engagement.
  3. Technology's Role in Efficiency: Technology is revolutionizing the industry by making processes more efficient. From automating routine tasks to enhancing remote monitoring capabilities, it significantly improves the job of technicians. For example, automation can reduce a task that takes an hour to just a minute and a half.
  4. Importance of Agreement and Clarity: Clear definitions and agreements within an organization can significantly improve communication and efficiency. Having templates for common conditions, application methods, and target pests can streamline operations.
  5. Customer Experience Enhancement: Modern technology allows customers to be more involved in the service journey. It brings a layer of transparency and enables the customer to understand the process better, thereby increasing satisfaction levels.