Vinay Raman

Vinay Raman, a serial entrepreneur and expert on business scaling growth, offers unparalleled insights and tools to elevate your company's performance. Align your employees with your business goals and foster a culture of success.

Vinay Raman

About Vinay

Whom do He work

Vinay has worked and learned from prominent people. He love when people help me raise his game. He love to pay it forward. He have made lives easier for thousands of owners, senior leaders, and employees across the United States.

His Mission

His mission is to help business leaders improve employee retention, engagement, and productivity using data. If you want to maximize your business success, He'll show you the path, with your data, Other than that, I am eager to help them identify blind spots and everything that holds them back from success.

Vinay Raman is the CEO of CAARMO Inc., which helps businesses and employees unlock their hidden potential, maximize their opportunities and mitigate risks using their Performance Intelligence software tool.

Vinay grew up around engineers and earned a master’s in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He also grew up in the Hindu faith and has always been interested in the intersections and relationships between science and religion. What he’s most passionate about is bringing data together with stories. He uses hard data to help companies see where they need to take a closer look and find out the story behind what’s happening. This helps companies build a better culture and lead from a heart-centered, rather than simply a numbers-driven, place.

Over the last 20 years, Vinay has been a senior leader ranked as a top company in Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing company list (2x), sold a multi-million-dollar business, and won over $154 Million in contracts.

Vinay encourages leaders to use questions to achieve better understanding and to invite employees down the road of improvement, flipping the traditional management model.





Employee Retention and Productivity

  • Building employees that actually care through empathy
  • Unlocking higher performance and engagement in employees
  • How to get employees engaged in a role and what to look for in hiring better as leaders

Empathetic Leadership

  • Lessons learned from managing high growth companies

Business Development

  • Delivering on a company vision
  • Business Risk made Profitably
  • A strategic battle plan: Defeat the tyrant called urgent.



Business Blind Spots Exposed! Podcast

The Business Blind Spot Exposed is a podcast that brings different stories every Tuesday and Thursday. This podcast supports your building of better business culture by exposing blind spots using data. This podcast is all about the Blind Spots that could be holding your company back. Exposing those blind spots and learning from them in a positive way.

The Critics Show

“The Critics,” is a live show that airs every 2nd Wednesday of the month. “The Critics” tells us where the problems exist and why they think they occurred. At the end of the event, you will hear insights and ideas on why the business is losing and where it can improve. Practical ideas you can take home and implement. Packed with seasoned experts in their fields, Panelists will moderate us through a business and give us a blow-by-blow account of where it fails and where it succeeds.

Manage To Retain: The Employee Series

Join the conversation as we discuss opportunities for leaders to reevaluate their team from a place of understanding and empathy. Co-hosted by Lou Everett and Sherri McManus from the Lou Everett group we unpack healthy insights every Wednesday to help business leaders achieve a successful retention and engagement towards the employees.




Data Science with Heart with Vinay Raman from CAARMO.

Vinay’s vision is of a world where business leaders are heart-centered and dedicated to fostering a work culture that is empathetic and resilient. Get aligned with your purpose. Real intelligence is about more than learning what others have learned; it’s also about learning things for yourself by asking questions and learning from mistakes and failures.


Use Existing Company Data to Find Alignment and Profitability with Vinay Raman

Data is everywhere, but it can be hard to find the right data. On this episode, we'll discuss how to use your company's existing data to create alignment and profitability in your business.


The Proper Mindset to Success with Vinay Raman

The episode revolved around the proper mindset in being an entrepreneur. Elzie and Vinay talk about different topics from the virtual world, the new economy, having skills in sales and much more. Tune in as you learn more about the entrepreneurial world and how it works.


Increasing Your Leadership Quotient

Vinay Raman shares how he takes companies and cultures from reactive to responsive. As a leader, Vinay dislikes referring to his people as employees. Instead, he treats them as the experts who are the ones on top of the mountains that hold perspectives that he can gain. Here, he shares what we can learn from Olympians, his thoughts on why it’s not about the answer, but about having the right questions, what we have that AIs don’t have, and his refreshing take on perspective over intelligence.


Invitational Leadership: Tools to Enhance Your Leadership and Performance

Episode highlights…

  • Importance of integrating data and stories in decision making and messaging
  • Applying scientific thinking and processes to leadership and business decisions
  • Assessing your failure velocity for growth and improvement (failing faster to the right answer)
  • True mark of leadership is ability to be resilient and shift in order to respond, not react, to external stimulus
  • The power of storytelling supported by data
  • Using data to drive behavior and better decisions


99% of all the opportunities and risks in a business begin and end with people

how can we start to help leaders of companies and the employees themselves understand themselves better so they can excel in what they do and feel like they’re part of something they want to be part of.


Tech and the Quantum Realm

This podcast explores the intersection of technology and the quantum realm—and how it's changing our world. The science is great, but the applications are mind-blowing. In this tech-focused podcast episode, we'll be talking about the Quantum realm and how empathy and caring about people come together in your business.



Turning Analytics into Action: Driving Company Goals and Employee Performance

PestRoutes and Lobster Marketing will now be known as one company, FieldRoutes™. This transformation is happening purposefully to support our commitment to helping our customers exceed their goals and grow their business. This video was previously recorded as a part of our ongoing webinar series.

Workplace Wellness Summit Speaker

𝐌𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐳𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝗪𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞 𝗪𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬

The 4 themes that we will explore are: ⁣

#Leadership through the lens of #Diversity⁣
#Culture through the lens of #Inclusion⁣
⁣#WorkplaceWellness through the lens of #Equity⁣
⁣#MentalHealth through the lens of #Belonging ⁣

The Wall Street Journal

The Workplace Report

Beyond KPIs: How Performance Data Can Inform Empathetic Leadership


  • Empathetic leadership and honest communication among workers and their bosses.
  • Data important to performance management
  • Why should leaders focus on the workers who might not be stars or rising stars

PCT Magazine Webinar

Build Effective Leadership Through Data: Recruit, Retain, Grow

Every day, the software systems you rely on for automation collect a ton of valuable data—not just about your customers, but about your employees too. Learn how to put this information together to recruit more employees, retain the ones you have, and get the most out of their performance in this free upcoming webinar presented by FieldRoutes.

Join Bryce Pickett, Founder of Pickett Pest Control, Mark Stewart, Key Account Executive at FieldRoutes, and Vinay Raman, CEO of CAARMO, as they reveal the key metrics and incredible insights you can use to support your recruiting and retention efforts, improve productivity, and achieve more growth, by leveraging your integrated technology.