November 3

Episode 42. The hidden company talent and how to find them with Foram Brown

Host and Speaker

Vinay Raman


Vinay Raman

Foram Brown

Chief Executive Officer at
Foram Brown - Executive Search

Foram Brown, CEO @ Executive Search for Women in Engineering

In this episode we cover:

  • Differences of gender roles, how is it different with a female and a male
  • A whole new view of perspective in your organization with your employees
  • How to see the hidden talent of your people
  • How to make your employee feel not left out
  • How organizations practice psychological safety and what is it in it for them

Foram is the CEO and Founder of forambrown ltd that focuses on Engineering. She is an engineer with over 15 years of engineering & leadership experience in Rolls-Royce, Bombardier & Alstom. She also helps other women engineers get into roles in this space. She is on a crusade to get 10,000 women into engineering roles by 2030. She’s a mum of two beautiful girls and a cancer survivor.

As a woman of ethnic minority, in engineering, I understand the challenges and struggles of this industry. I know exactly what they want and where they hang out.


Business Blind Spots, employee retention, leadership development in business, leadership in business

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