Nausheen saumtally

Equipping and inspiring each individual to lead. Nausheen Saumtally is the founder of the training & coaching company, Elevate Now. She's an Empowerment Speaker & Trainer and a certified DISC behavioral analysis consultant. With her background in business development at Microsoft and as corporate coach & trainer with Cadence Leadership, Nausheen has worked with a wide range of leaders across the world, helping them transform their businesses and performance for optimal outcomes.

She is passionate about personal development, with focused attention on mindset, self-discovery and communication. Nausheen’s driving purpose is to be a catalyst for change, action and positivity through her work.

Fun Facts

Ohhh, on my very first trip with my family, we got stuck in the airport for 4 days. Today, I can laugh about it but it was not that fun then.


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